About Tradesman

The Professional Roofer’s Choice for quality roofing membranes


The philosophy behind the Tradesman brand is simple.  Dedicated professional craftsmen in any field recognize the value of quality materials.  For Professional Roofers, quality materials mean increased productivity, better finished applications, and a longer-lasting roof.


Tradesman products offer:
  • Exceptional handling.   Tradesman Brand products roll straighter and lay flatter.
  • Multiple application options.   Tradesman Brand products are available with a sand backing for hot asphalt and cold adhesive applications, a plastic film backing for torch application, and an SA backing for self adhesive applications.
  • Necessary product classifications.   Tradesman Brand products are UL Listed.


Tradesman Brand Roofing Membranes ease application because they roll straighter, lay flatter, and handle better than other roofing membranes.  Tradesman materials can be installed using several familiar application methods.  They carry the necessary product classifications.  And they have earned the toughest approval in the business – the roofers’.

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